Privacy statement

De creatieve directie B.V. (hereinafter: “we”) processes personal data of its customers, prospects and other contact persons. We do this to help our contacts as best as possible and to achieve our objectives. In this privacy statement we explain why and how we process your personal data.

We do not have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), but we are happy to help you with your questions. For this you can contact or 020-7 220 770.

Who are we?

We are the creative direction: dm advertising agency. This privacy statement applies to all our processing operations – even if we process personal data together with other parties.

What personal data do we process?

We process the following personal data:

First and last name, address, place of residence, telephone number, gender, e-mail address, job title, payment details, contact history, IP address, social ID, cookie ID (you can read more about cookies in our cookie statement) and surfing behaviour. We do not process personal data of contacts of our customers, or third parties.

Why do we process that personal data?

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Legal obligations

A small part of our processing is required by law. This mainly concerns personal data that is necessary to comply with our tax obligation. But it is also possible, for example, that we process personal data in the event of calamities.

  • Member administration and services

In our customer relationship file we keep track of which organizations are customers or relations of the creative management, together with the relevant contact persons. We keep various personal data of contact persons in order to perform our services as optimally as possible. For example, we keep contact details, as described above, in order to be able to reach you.

You can reach us through various channels: telephone, post, e-mail, LinkedIn and Facebook for example. To make this possible, we also process personal data.

  • Newsletters and mailings

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can unsubscribe in any e-mail.

  • Privacy Guarantee

Contact details are processed in order to be able to conduct, send and assess the audits of the Privacy Guarantee.

  • Recruitment (marketing)

We move with the sector, which is why we recruit new prospects and sometimes new colleagues. We recruit new customers based on the interests of our target group. And to ensure that the content matches this as closely as possible, we process contact details and areas of interest for all parties involved.

We also use ‘customized target groups’ via social media platforms. We do this via Facebook and LinkedIn targeting. (Personalized) advertisements can be shown on these platforms. We do not pass on personal data to third parties for this, unless you have given unambiguous permission for this.

If you do not want advertisements to be shown via these platforms, you can indicate this to us using the contact details above. You can also unsubscribe from these platforms. You can read how to do this on the following pages:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Please note: it is possible that you will still see advertisements from the creative management if you fall into a general target group to which we focus our advertisement.

  • Improving the services of the creative directorate

Rights of data subjects

Under the GDPR, everyone has a number of rights. We do our utmost to comply with this as well as possible. Do you have any tips or comments? Let us know! To exercise your rights, please contact us via or 020-7 220 770.

  • Information and access:  Of course you can see which personal data we process about you. We are therefore happy to tell you more about how and why we process that data.
  • Correct:  Do you think we have wrong information about you? Let us know and we will adjust it.
  • Oblivion:  You can delete the personal data we have about you. We may still have to process that data for other purposes (administration or deduplication, for example).
  • Restriction:  If you feel that we are processing your personal data unlawfully or incorrectly, you can also have that processing limited.
  • Objection (opposition): You can submit an objection to the processing of your personal data. Is it about marketing? then will and we will terminate that processing as soon as possible.
  • Portability:  This is a new right under the GDPR to transfer or have your personal data transferred. If you would like to make use of this, please contact us.

In addition, you can also:

  • Withdraw consent: for example, to receive e-mail. If you wish to withdraw your consent to any other processing, please contact us.
  • File a complaint with the AP:Do you think we do not act in accordance with privacy legislation? Then we would of course like to hear that.

Retention periods

We do not store personal data longer than necessary.

Basis of processing

As explained above, we process some data for the execution of a legal obligation, some for the execution of an agreement (contract) and most for the execution of the legitimate interest of the creative direction: the execution of our objective. If you would like to know more about the consideration that we make with regard to the legitimate interest, you know where to find us!

Third Recipients

We engage service providers to perform our services. These are not ‘third recipients’ but processors. For example, we work together with an ESP, a cloud environment, and use Google Analytics. These parties process personal data in accordance with the assignment of the creative management.

Sometimes we are legally obliged to provide personal data to third parties; such as the tax authorities. Furthermore, we will only provide data to third parties if we have received your permission to do so.

A number of references to other websites of organizations can be found on the website of the creative management. The creative management is not responsible for the way in which those parties process personal data. You can read the privacy statement of the relevant organization for this.

Amsterdam, 25 May 2018